April 8, 2009 was a big day for me. As you can see all over my website, April 8, 2019—ten years later—is the day my book will be available on the market. Why Monday April 8?

The business answer is that this the soonest my publishing team and I could get it done. Even when a book is “done” (to the extent a book can ever be done), there’s a lot of work left to go: line and proof editing, legal review, cover design, interior design, marketing assets, launch events, and more.

When we began to zero in on April, I knew I wanted April 8. That will be 10 years to the day that the entire saga began for me. It was the first day of trial in the case that would change my life. To have my story go public exactly a decade later seems a fitting way to end an agonizing 10 years and move forward to a new chapter.

You can read about the first day of trial from the April 8, 2009 issue of The Denver Post.